Sketchypad (iPad app)

Sketchypad will make designers, programmers, interface designers life much easier. Easy-to-use interface and a lot of various stencils will help you to mockup any web sites and soft interfaces.

Main features:

  • 56 various stencils with upcoming updates
  • Links between your mockups!
  • stencils dynamically redrawn based on user input
  • easy-to-use interface
  • save result to PNG file with easy e-mail sending option
  • one tap export into Balsamiq Mockups format
  • import photos from your albums directly into your sketch
  • change colors for stencil fill, stroke or text
  • variable font size
  • easy stencils arrange option
  • wide range of free included icons for your mockups
  • lock objects in place


Wirify bookmarklet lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click.

  • Step back and see the big picture of a web page.
  • Focus on page structure by hiding the content.
  • Analyse page layout to aid learning and teaching.
The Pro version let’s you:
  • Export fully editable wireframes to VisioOmniGraffle and
    Balsamiq – plus SVG for Illustrator and other applications
  • Save hours of work in a website redesign
  • View and export headings in your wireframes
  • Quickly do layout tweaks directly in browser


MockFlow is an online tool to design and collaborate User Interface mockups for websites and software. Un-like typical wireframe software, MockFlow aims at producing clean looking mockups in the shortest time possible and also provides built-in tools for collaboration. It has some phenomenal features including the ability to work offline.

MockFlow provides the best-in-class Wireframing experience.


  • Easy-to-use and sophisticated interface
  • Provides all the editing functions you need
  • Presentation mode to test wireframe interactions
  • Zoom mockups with auto-size function
  • SiteMap creator with pages and folders
  • Interactive visualization of SiteMap
  • Graph, 960 grids and Rulers are provided for layout
  • Pages can be applied with multiple masters (recursive), to avoid rework
  • Support for manual and auto revisions of mockup


  • Large library of mockup components
  • MockStore for eXtra elements & templates
  • Image Manager
  • Built-in Icon library
  • Layout Builder for designing background layout designs
  • Stickers: Ready-made collection of images
  • Components for annotating your mockup


  • Export entire project to offline HTML
  • Multi page PDF document
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Slides
  • High-Quality PNG images
  • Generate Specification in MS Word format
  • Unique Expose Snapshot
  • Convert SiteMap to Excel format
  • Apply filter effects like Sketch, Negative, GrayScale, Old Paper


Business Features

  • Google Apps Integration
  • Self-serve License Manager – upgrade/downgrade team members in a click
  • Team Contact manager
  • Ownership of mockup can be changed
  • Ability to Export mockup data
  • ‘Labels’ for organizing wireframe projects



Quickly run a test on your UI prototypes to answer any nagging questions about usability.

First click testing ensures that your users get started on the right foot when they hit your website.

Use Chalkmark to increase your customer conversion and task oriented success rates by getting quick feedback on designs before you implement or update them. Create your wireframe, assign the tasks and see where people would click before developing any pages.