BoostCTR is a browser-based text-ad optimization tool designed to increase click-through-rates & conversions for PPC and Facebook ads by A/B testing your ads (the control) against they ads that BoostCTRs networks of writers come up with and you approve for testing.

BoostCTR offers a risk-free quality score improvement, a money-back guarantee and works with top advertisers like CafePress, 99Designs and Kayak. BoostCTR’s clients experience an average lift of 30% on their CTRs and conversions. BoostCTR guarantees that their expert writers will continue to write for these ad groups until they beat the performance of your best existing ads.



Agendize helps business websites offer easy ways for visitors to get in touch or save contact information for later with its all-in-one customer interaction platform. Agendize’s platform includes a suite of tools, including Click-to-Call, Live Chat, Online Scheduling, a Form Builder tool and more.

Using these tools, visitors to the business’s website can easily call, chat, send info, or schedule an appointment with the company. They can also save the company’s contact information for later or share it with a friend. Agendize’s mission is to help businesses convert their web visitors into loyal customers.


Infinity UK Call Tracking

Infinity Call Tracking is a complete analytics tracking service with integrated call tracking capabilities. With Infinity you can track calls from your website and know exactly what marketing activity brought them there. Furthermore with three built in attribution modes; first click, last click and equal weighted you can really understand the cross channel effect. They completely integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords.

Website tracking

Infinity website tracking, tracks every visitor to a clients site.  Recording the network, channel, keyword, location of the visitor, time and date, page views and length of time they visited the site. Website tracking not only tracks the visitors click path but also any online goals they achieve, including click to email, completing a contact us form or making an acquisition online.

Call tracking (to keyword level)

Infinity Call Tracking, tracks calls and links them back to the keyword which generated the call.  Infinity Call Tracking can track an unlimited number of keywords and visitors and has been designed to handle a billion requests a day.

Conversion attribution

Measuring calls as conversions is the first big step but then how do you attribute the conversions to the correct marketing source? Well Infinity Tracking has three built in modes; first click, last click and equal weighted attribution over a period of time, 30 days is the default window.

We also support custom attribution models if your business wants to use an even more sophisticated approach.

Google Analytics and Adwords integration

Infinity Call Tracking seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics so detailed segmentation and path analysis can be performed on visitors and goals. Read more about Google Analytics and AdWords Integration

Network data (cost, clicks, impressions etc)

Infinity Call Tracking pulls in the networks data (Google/Bing) to enrich the portal with campaign, adgroup, keyword, impressions, clicks and cost information for PPC.  Providing a detailed understanding of keywords which are performing and in turn creating efficiencies and increasing ROI, in some cases over 25%.

Offline call tracking

Infinity Call Tracking can track any offline channels too. This could be anything from a direct marketing campaign to a TV Ad, if there’s a telephone number on it, we can track it.

Call recording

Infinity Call Tracking also offers call recording, this is beneficial when training staff or to listen back to sales calls.

Missed call email alerts

Infinity Call Tracking offers missed call email alerts, therefore, if you miss a call our solution will email you with the callers telephone number, time and date, of call and the pages they visited on your site.

Announce marketing channel

Infinity Call Tracking can announce the marketing channel to the operator when they answer the phone. This gives the operator a quick insight into where the user came from, and can be very useful if from a magazine advert with a special offer for example as the operator knows the context of the call and can handle it more efficiently.

Announce call reference

Infinity Call Tracking also offers announce call reference, this is ideal for companies who can’t or don’t link their CRM to their phone system. In this instance we can announce, via the phone, a unique call ID reference to the call operator to enter into their CRM.

Operator call rating and sales data capture

Infinity Call Tracking can capture sales and lead data at the end of a telephone call. Once a call has ended the call operator will be offered a series of options to either enter sales or lead information. Entering sales information allows a sales value to be entered, or for lead information, the call operator has the option of rating the lead.  This information is then passed through to the Infinity Portal and held against the relevant call.

Configurable sales capture scripts

Infinity Call Tracking can capture sales and lead data.  Scripts can be configured to each client’s requirements therefore, the options offered to the call operators are specific to them and not a generic list of options, which can be open to misinterpretation, for instance, a score of six could mean something different to a score of six to someone else.

Reporting API

We have a comprehensive API so anything you can view or change in our portal is available to you through the API.

CRM integration

The ultimate in linking sales to keywords is full CRM Integration through our API to enrich the clients CRM.

0844 and 0843 numbers support

Infinity Call Tracking offers 0844 and 0843 numbers; there are no call charges when using this type of number if routed to a normal 01/02 geographic number. These are our most popular type of number as they are also customer friendly as only charged at 5p per minute to the caller.

0845, freephone and local numbers

Infinity Call Tracking also offers, 0845, 0800 (freephone but limited supply), 0808 (freephone) and local numbers, however, there are additional costs for using these numbers please contact us for our latest call tariff.


FreeSpee – European Call Tracking

The Freespee call monetization platform is the industry-leading technology to integrate phone number provisioning as well as call tracking, analytics, attribution, pricing, billing and commissioning into any existing ad network or content management system. The cloud-based platform enables real-time call traffic management, complimented by the graphical, easy-to-use Freespee Analytics web interface, accessible by partners and advertisers directly.

Freespee’s solutions focus on phone call traffic from different advertising sources. Just as with web traffic, advertisers can now get a deep insight into the call traffic based on where the customer found the phone number before making the call.

With this information, including the total amount of calls and average length of the call, advertisers can analyze which advertising channels perform best – online, print, television, radio or outdoor.


Spark by Marketo

Spark shares the same technology behind enterprise marketing automation platform Marketo but gives small businesses more pricing options (around $750 a month) and services with rapid and sustainable customer growth in mind. Spark includes email marketing, inbound marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and insights, social media and event marketing as part of it’s suite.

Lead Management Services

Generate more qualified leads in less time, and with fewer resources

  • Lead Nurturing—Build relationships with prospects over time and drive successful conversion to sales using automated, targeted communications.
  • Lead Scoring—Qualify and score leads automatically using demographics and behavior in response to marketing programs and online activities.
  • Lead Insight—Monitor prospect activity across your website, social media, and pay-per-click programs to identify and interact with the best leads at the right time.

Marketing Campaign Management

Build dynamic lists, create multi-channel campaigns, and develop optimized landing pages in just minutes – no coding necessary

  • Email Marketing—Create, execute and measure personalized email campaigns with an easy drag and drop user interface.
  • Inbound Marketing— Increase campaign results with search engine optimization, targeted landing pages, and tools to help understand which keywords are driving the best traffic and leads.
  • Social Media—Build optimized landing pages and forms with social sharing buttons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and track all prospect interactions online.
  • Event Marketing—Streamline the process for managing webinars and live events including capturing registrations, automating follow-ups and reminders, driving attendance – and easily repeating the process.

Reporting & Analytics

Increase insight into marketing effectiveness through easy to understand marketing reports and dashboards.

  • Detailed Marketing Analytics—Understand each marketing interaction with every lead and opportunity to demonstrate marketing impact on revenue.
  • Out-of-box Report Library—Choose or create detailed marketing reports without Excel, including sales data such as pipeline and revenue.
  • Automatic Notifications—Get reports via email to keep up-to-date on key campaign metrics.® Integration

Extend Salesforce® to deliver enhanced marketing functionality and sales insight

  • Seamless Integration—Bi-directional integration takes only minutes to set-up and is available at no additional cost.
  • Automate Campaigns—Create sales lead management programs that update fields, create tasks, assign owners, and convert leads directly in Salesforce.
  • Improved Marketing and Sales Alignment—Measure campaign effectiveness from leads to opportunities to revenue.

Sales Insight Add-On

Prioritize, understand and interact with the hottest sales leads management software and gain opportunities to close more business faster.

  • Insight to Action—Monitor interesting moments and behaviors such as email opens, website visits, or other ‘Interesting Moments’ that indicate buying interest.
  • Improve Sales Productivity—Send email marketing campaigns using Salesforce CRM or Microsoft® Outlook® and get instant notifications and status updates on your mobile device.
  • Native® Solution—Runs directly inside Salesforce CRM increasing user adoption and decreasing training costs.



Ontolo is a suite of powerful link building tools for in-house SEOs and internet marketing agencies.

Ontolo Features and Functions

  • Daily Discovery of 300-500+ New Link Prospects added to your link prospect database.
  • Customized Link Prospects based on your targeted SEO keywords and link types.
  • Your own, Customized Link Prospect Database with hundreds of new link prospects added every day.
  • Link Prospect Crawler and Indexer that analyzes each link prospect for relevance, value, links, etc.
  • Aggregation of 3rd-Party API data for every link prospect including Google PageRank, SEOMoz URL data, and Alexa data.
  • Fully Searchable Link Prospect Text Database, allowing you to find very specific link prospects. Ie: Prospects with Keyword X in the title, Keyword Y in the body text, but not Keyword Z.
  • Link Prospect Type Classification to quickly and easily distinguish Guest Posts from Paid Link from Web Directories from Links Pages from Blogrolls from Blogs and more.
  • Over two dozen Link Prospect Search Forms to quickly find specific kinds of link prospects, from Guest Posts to Gov and EDU links to Paid Links and more.
  • Export Link Prospects to CSV, Excel, the clipboard or to your printer.


The New Link Building Toolset 1m Demo from Ontolo on Vimeo.

Link Research Tool

Link Research Tool  is made up of ten individual tools, all can be used to find link building opportunities as well as monitor your competition.

Tools include:

  • Competitive Landscape Analyzer
  • Backlink Profiler
  • Link Juice Thief
  • Missing Link Tool
  • Link Juice Recovery Tool
  • SERP Research Tool

Follow this great writeup to learn best practices with the Link Research Tool.

Citation Labs Link Building Suite

Citation Labs have developed a few tools for outbound linkbuilding. They are called Outbound Scraper and Contact Finder. To use the Outbound Scraper you simply enter the URL of the page you want to scrape, give the job a title and hit the scrape outbound links button. Typically this process will only take a few seconds and will provide you with a CSV file of all that pages outbound link URLs. Now that you have all the scraped URLs, you can now enter them into the Contact Finder tool. Simply copy and paste all the URLs into the Contact Finder tool and start running the report. Again this will typically only take a few seconds to run and will provide you with a CSV of all the URLs with accompanying email addresses and/or contact page URLs.



KnowEm is the best social media profile availability tool in the market. Knowem searches over 550 social media sites, 120+ domain name databases and the entire USPTO database for free to see if you brand / trademark / intellectual property is available or being used. Use this to protect your brand across all the social media sites out there.

They also have low cost premium services to do complete signups on the sites for you.



Chartbeat is a real-time web analytics service that enables a subscriber to monitor activity on their website as it happens. The service can also send customizable alerts via email, sms, or iPhone if any unusual site activity occurs (traffic spikes, slow page loads, etc.) Chartbeat launched in April 2009 and is used by some of the most popular sites on the web including the Onion, Mahalo, Pitchfork, and DailyKos. They also offer a version for news websites and retailers.