Spark by Marketo

Spark shares the same technology behind enterprise marketing automation platform Marketo but gives small businesses more pricing options (around $750 a month) and services with rapid and sustainable customer growth in mind. Spark includes email marketing, inbound marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and insights, social media and event marketing as part of it’s suite.

Lead Management Services

Generate more qualified leads in less time, and with fewer resources

  • Lead Nurturing—Build relationships with prospects over time and drive successful conversion to sales using automated, targeted communications.
  • Lead Scoring—Qualify and score leads automatically using demographics and behavior in response to marketing programs and online activities.
  • Lead Insight—Monitor prospect activity across your website, social media, and pay-per-click programs to identify and interact with the best leads at the right time.

Marketing Campaign Management

Build dynamic lists, create multi-channel campaigns, and develop optimized landing pages in just minutes – no coding necessary

  • Email Marketing—Create, execute and measure personalized email campaigns with an easy drag and drop user interface.
  • Inbound Marketing— Increase campaign results with search engine optimization, targeted landing pages, and tools to help understand which keywords are driving the best traffic and leads.
  • Social Media—Build optimized landing pages and forms with social sharing buttons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and track all prospect interactions online.
  • Event Marketing—Streamline the process for managing webinars and live events including capturing registrations, automating follow-ups and reminders, driving attendance – and easily repeating the process.

Reporting & Analytics

Increase insight into marketing effectiveness through easy to understand marketing reports and dashboards.

  • Detailed Marketing Analytics—Understand each marketing interaction with every lead and opportunity to demonstrate marketing impact on revenue.
  • Out-of-box Report Library—Choose or create detailed marketing reports without Excel, including sales data such as pipeline and revenue.
  • Automatic Notifications—Get reports via email to keep up-to-date on key campaign metrics.® Integration

Extend Salesforce® to deliver enhanced marketing functionality and sales insight

  • Seamless Integration—Bi-directional integration takes only minutes to set-up and is available at no additional cost.
  • Automate Campaigns—Create sales lead management programs that update fields, create tasks, assign owners, and convert leads directly in Salesforce.
  • Improved Marketing and Sales Alignment—Measure campaign effectiveness from leads to opportunities to revenue.

Sales Insight Add-On

Prioritize, understand and interact with the hottest sales leads management software and gain opportunities to close more business faster.

  • Insight to Action—Monitor interesting moments and behaviors such as email opens, website visits, or other ‘Interesting Moments’ that indicate buying interest.
  • Improve Sales Productivity—Send email marketing campaigns using Salesforce CRM or Microsoft® Outlook® and get instant notifications and status updates on your mobile device.
  • Native® Solution—Runs directly inside Salesforce CRM increasing user adoption and decreasing training costs.


HubSpot – Inbound Marketing Suite

HubSpot has taken all of the best inbound marketing methods and consolidated them into one integrated software package, so you can blog, tweet, optimize, capture leads and nurture them all in one place. They practice what they preach as far as producing a valuable blog, whitepapers, webinars and marketing resources to drive their inbound marketing.




Genius Small Business ensures small businesses aren’t limited to a shotgun approach via a simple email marketing solution. Genius provides powerful, yet easy-to-use Marketing Automation, Demand Generation and Email Marketing Solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. With Genius, you can:

  • Deliver more leads by engaging buyers with personalized and 1:1 emails
  • Track complete website visits with no IT required
  • Capture more leads with easy to create lead forms
  • Improve marketing efficiency by automating response
  • Maximize ROI by tracking all marketing activities, including social media and online marketing