Tealeaf’s solutions are used by customer-centric organizations to build a true online customer experience competency across the enterprise. From ebusiness and IT, to customer service and compliance, Tealeaf provides the common “view” of the online customer enabling organizations to understand how to deliver better online solutions and provide more effective service for their customers.

Tealeaf captures and records what each customer is doing and seeing in real-time on every page and across all site visits — right down to the page-by-page, browser-level experience. Whether the experience occurs on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device, Tealeaf uniquely captures both the quantitative and qualitative details of every single interaction. This rich customer experience dataset is then used to explore opportunities for improvement and innovation, drive requirements, and set priorities.

url: http://www.tealeaf.com/


ClickTale is the industry leader of In Page Web Analytics, providing businesses with unparalleled insights into their visitors’ entire online experience. Unlike traditional web analytics that monitors visitor movement between pages, ClickTale’s web analytics solution focuses on what visitors do inside the web pages themselves.

Most web analytics solutions capture visitors landing on a web page and monitor their movement from page to page within a site. This is great for collecting quantitative information about your website traffic, but can’t tell you much about what visitors do once inside these pages.

That’s where ClickTale’s In-Page Analytics come in. ClickTale focuses on visitor interactions inside these pages, recording everything from mouse moves and clicks to actual keystrokes. This gives a much more thorough, in-depth, view into what your visitors are focusing on and interacting with inside the pages themselves.

ClickTale’s In Page Web Analytics Solution includes Mouse Tracking, Heatmap Suite, and Conversion Analytics. Must have reports include their session replay, form analytics and fantastic funnel reporting (I had a small role in that).

url: http://www.clicktale.com/