ClickTest allows three types of tests that you can perform on your page. To get started, you’ll want to create a screenshot of your web page and put it into a .jpg or other image file format.

Then, you can conduct these tests:

  • “Fivesecondtest” — In this test, you show the web page to the user for five seconds and then ask them a specific question about what they remember.
  • “Navflow” — In this navigation flow test, you want to know how users will complete a particular process. With this kind of test, you want to know if you’ve made it easy for the user to navigate your site.
  • “Clicktest” — Here, you give them a view of your web page and see where real people will click on your site!


ClickTale is the industry leader of In Page Web Analytics, providing businesses with unparalleled insights into their visitors’ entire online experience. Unlike traditional web analytics that monitors visitor movement between pages, ClickTale’s web analytics solution focuses on what visitors do inside the web pages themselves.

Most web analytics solutions capture visitors landing on a web page and monitor their movement from page to page within a site. This is great for collecting quantitative information about your website traffic, but can’t tell you much about what visitors do once inside these pages.

That’s where ClickTale’s In-Page Analytics come in. ClickTale focuses on visitor interactions inside these pages, recording everything from mouse moves and clicks to actual keystrokes. This gives a much more thorough, in-depth, view into what your visitors are focusing on and interacting with inside the pages themselves.

ClickTale’s In Page Web Analytics Solution includes Mouse Tracking, Heatmap Suite, and Conversion Analytics. Must have reports include their session replay, form analytics and fantastic funnel reporting (I had a small role in that).



EyeQuant is a patent-pending neurotechnology that helps you optimize user attention on your websites. It predicts within seconds where users will look and what users will see, enabling rapid and cost-efficient conversion optimization. In contrast to other approaches, EyeQuant delivers more than 90% of an Eye-Tracking study’s performance and is based on a decade of institutional academic research with over 400 human subjects. Years of neuroscientific excellence are now available via a convenient web service: simply upload your screenshots to our web service or API and EyeQuant will immediately provide actionable results.


Feng-GUI uses software to analyze uploaded images and provide image owners with heat maps, symmetry analysis, and focal center/attention information. Their software does not track mouse movement or clicks (instead relying on a predictive algorithm), and the free version does not offer face or text detection. Price ranges from free for a standard heat map on an uploaded image, to $1,000 for 700 images. By paying for the product, you receive premium analysis, including customization options for the reports.