SiteBeam creates insights on a website in minutes. They can then turn any of their reports into a presentation or a detailed report automatically. This makes it very easy to share reports. You can also see results of your reports compared to your competitors. The type of reports you can get are:

Complete report
Test everything: marketing, accessibility, content, technology and more.
Sales report
Complete report but with less detail, ideal for sales pitches.
Staging report
Test a site before it goes live. Ignores tests like social interest, incoming links.
Marketing report
Assessment of SEO, search ranking and social media.
Social media report
Quick assessment of Facebook and Twitter.
Writing report
Test spelling and readability.
Technical report
Test for W3C compliance, broken links and other technical problems.
EU ePrivacy report
Test for compliance with the EU ePrivacy Law.
Custom report
Any selection of tests you choose.





 lets you remix pages and share them with the people you want to reach. Once you Bo.LT a url they make a copy of the page and run it on very advanced content delivery network that is tuned for incredibly fast page serving and incredibly fast editing and sharing. When you put a page on BO.LT, it is a copy. Don’t worry, the original page on the original site is still safe. Your page, however, is nimble, changeable, and under your control. They include fabulous analytics as well. This is a great way to launch new landing pages or make changes to existing pages for A/B testing. I also love using on my ipad – just add “” before any url and it makes it very easy to share.

You can also use the bookmarklet which allows you to make a BO.LT link of the page you are viewing without having to visit the BO.LT site.

It is useful if you are trying to:

  • copy pages behind a login
  • copy behind a firewall or on a corporate network
  • copy pages as it is seen by a specific browser (e.g. a browser on an iPhone)
  • copy pages that are being tested with GWO or Test and Target