Browsera will notify you of possible cross-browser layout problems it finds while testing your site. Instead of having to check out each screenshot on your own, you’ll get a report detailing which pages have potential problems. You can quickly see the problems indicated as each screenshot is highlighted in the problematic areas. Browsera is like a tester, looking for visual discrepancies between different browsers.

Browsera will also help you find problems caused by scripting errors on your site. Each time Browsera renders a page, it checks if the browser encountered any scripting errors during the process. These errors are collected and reported in your results. JavaScript errors can lead to loss of functionality on your site and unpleasant user experiences.

Instead of testing a page at a time, why not test your entire site? Other browser testing services are only able to test a single page at a time. That’s great if you have a small site, but won’t work if you have many pages and want to test them all at once. We make it easy for you by crawling the links on your site or accepting a list of URLs you’d like to test.  It will even test dynamic pages, this is great for example if you want to see what your checkout process looks like in different browsers.


Adobe BrowserLab

Adobe BrowserLab is a free cross-browser compatibility tool that lets you test a number of modern and legacy browsers, including various versions of Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox. It gives you a number of ways to view pages, get a full-view screenshot, even beneath the fold, or compare how your web page looks in two browsers, side by side. Focus on specific areas with custom positioning (manual or automatic) of screenshots, and compare specific areas of a page.



BrowserCam‘s Screen Capture Service lets you submit single or multiple URL’s, choose the browsers and operating systems you want to see, and screen captures of your webpage are loaded in the different browsers and operating systems you selected.

BrowserCam’s Device Capture service works exactly like our classic screen capture service. The big difference is what it lets you do. With this service, you can see how your website will look on PDAs. Whether a PDA’s screen is in portrait format or landscape format, our service will help you to fine tune your website for your customers who are always on the move.

EmailCam Test your HTML, RTF and TXT emails across multiple desktop & web-based email clients BrowserCam’s new Emailcam service enables HTML, RTF and TXT email testing across multiple desktop and web-based email clients, such as Outlook 2007 and Gmail. Ensure your end-users experience your email as you intended. With Emailcam you can see screenshots of your emails as they look across all major email clients – from your end-users’ perspective – without the high overhead of inefficient, laborious manual testing.