has built a large panel of users who will record their on-screen actions and voice as they use your website. For each user’s test session, you get a video and their written summary. It costs $39 and is typically ready in one hour.

The users are pre-screened to ensure they can follow instructions, stay on task and verbalize their thoughts. UserTesting is fast, easy and inexpensive. They also have some preset tests that will evaluate your mobile website or your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Users are prescreened and rated by previous clients so the quality of feedback is pretty good. It can also be quite valuable to see how your site runs on various users’ computers. The control panel is limited, however, so you can only specify age, income, gender, and computer/Web experience. If your target audience is very specific, you might want to run tests with your own customers. allows you to do this but it’s a bit more work.

They just launched A Quick & Cheap Way To Fix Blind Spots in Your PPC Efforts.
You can get 3 independent people (the testers) to search for your main key phrase (with product ads or not) for just $75.

Each tester will do a search for your phrase and;

  • evaluate which 4 ads they would be most likely to click on and;
  • evaluate each landing page for 5 seconds to see if the ad met their expectations and;
  • also provide their first impressions of the page.
  • After all that, each tester will dig deeper into each of those sites to see if they would be comfortable buying from you or one of your competitors.

url: http://www.usertesting.com


SiteBeam creates insights on a website in minutes. They can then turn any of their reports into a presentation or a detailed report automatically. This makes it very easy to share reports. You can also see results of your reports compared to your competitors. The type of reports you can get are:

Complete report
Test everything: marketing, accessibility, content, technology and more.
Sales report
Complete report but with less detail, ideal for sales pitches.
Staging report
Test a site before it goes live. Ignores tests like social interest, incoming links.
Marketing report
Assessment of SEO, search ranking and social media.
Social media report
Quick assessment of Facebook and Twitter.
Writing report
Test spelling and readability.
Technical report
Test for W3C compliance, broken links and other technical problems.
EU ePrivacy report
Test for compliance with the EU ePrivacy Law.
Custom report
Any selection of tests you choose.










Browsera will notify you of possible cross-browser layout problems it finds while testing your site. Instead of having to check out each screenshot on your own, you’ll get a report detailing which pages have potential problems. You can quickly see the problems indicated as each screenshot is highlighted in the problematic areas. Browsera is like a tester, looking for visual discrepancies between different browsers.

Browsera will also help you find problems caused by scripting errors on your site. Each time Browsera renders a page, it checks if the browser encountered any scripting errors during the process. These errors are collected and reported in your results. JavaScript errors can lead to loss of functionality on your site and unpleasant user experiences.

Instead of testing a page at a time, why not test your entire site? Other browser testing services are only able to test a single page at a time. That’s great if you have a small site, but won’t work if you have many pages and want to test them all at once. We make it easy for you by crawling the links on your site or accepting a list of URLs you’d like to test.  It will even test dynamic pages, this is great for example if you want to see what your checkout process looks like in different browsers.


Adobe BrowserLab

Adobe BrowserLab is a free cross-browser compatibility tool that lets you test a number of modern and legacy browsers, including various versions of Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox. It gives you a number of ways to view pages, get a full-view screenshot, even beneath the fold, or compare how your web page looks in two browsers, side by side. Focus on specific areas with custom positioning (manual or automatic) of screenshots, and compare specific areas of a page.



UserFly offers silent movies of your users’ interactions with your website. You place JavaScript on your Web pages that causes users’ mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes to be recorded. The result looks like a screen cast of the user’s screen.  UserFly ranges from free for up to 10 page views per month and gradually increases to $200 for 10,000 page views. url(s):



Spur is a free tool that allows you to evaluate your screenshot or webpage with 7 different tools. It will allow you to evaluate your webpages in:

  1. grayscale mode – what your page looks like with color removed
  2. intersection – where the lines of the page draw visitor’s eyes
  3. contrast – By turning up the contrast on a page it makes the heavy areas stand out more than lighter areas, will your design still hold together?
  4. blur –  If someone can only glance at your page for a few seconds, this will help ensure that they spot something valuable based on design hierarchy and weight.
  5. mirror – Mirroring a design can point out areas of misalignment and hierarchy.
  6. rotate – The rotate tool is great for making it easier to see page weight and balance of elements.
  7. 50% zoom – Use the zoom tool to look at your site as a smaller thumbnail. Does the layout hold up? lets you remix pages and share them with the people you want to reach. Once you Bo.LT a url they make a copy of the page and run it on very advanced content delivery network that is tuned for incredibly fast page serving and incredibly fast editing and sharing. When you put a page on BO.LT, it is a copy. Don’t worry, the original page on the original site is still safe. Your page, however, is nimble, changeable, and under your control. They include fabulous analytics as well. This is a great way to launch new landing pages or make changes to existing pages for A/B testing. I also love using on my ipad – just add “” before any url and it makes it very easy to share.

You can also use the bookmarklet which allows you to make a BO.LT link of the page you are viewing without having to visit the BO.LT site.

It is useful if you are trying to:

  • copy pages behind a login
  • copy behind a firewall or on a corporate network
  • copy pages as it is seen by a specific browser (e.g. a browser on an iPhone)
  • copy pages that are being tested with GWO or Test and Target


ClickTest allows three types of tests that you can perform on your page. To get started, you’ll want to create a screenshot of your web page and put it into a .jpg or other image file format.

Then, you can conduct these tests:

  • “Fivesecondtest” — In this test, you show the web page to the user for five seconds and then ask them a specific question about what they remember.
  • “Navflow” — In this navigation flow test, you want to know how users will complete a particular process. With this kind of test, you want to know if you’ve made it easy for the user to navigate your site.
  • “Clicktest” — Here, you give them a view of your web page and see where real people will click on your site!