ClickTest allows three types of tests that you can perform on your page. To get started, you’ll want to create a screenshot of your web page and put it into a .jpg or other image file format.

Then, you can conduct these tests:

  • “Fivesecondtest” — In this test, you show the web page to the user for five seconds and then ask them a specific question about what they remember.
  • “Navflow” — In this navigation flow test, you want to know how users will complete a particular process. With this kind of test, you want to know if you’ve made it easy for the user to navigate your site.
  • “Clicktest” — Here, you give them a view of your web page and see where real people will click on your site!

FeedbackArmy & Mechanical Turk

Quickly and inexpensively get workers at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to provide written answers to questions about what they think about your site. It costs $10 for 10 reviews.

You could go to Mechanical Turk ( directly and save a little money but FeedbackArmy is easier and still very inexpensive. The quality of responses varies dramatically, so you won’t necessarily get 10 helpful reviews for your $10. The advantage here is that you can get a higher quantity of responses — look for repetitive feedback. This is a bit more quantitative approach than watching a video of each user where you might find problems that even the user doesn’t realize they are uncovering. FeedbackArmy has two similar competitors, and



Mechanical Turk:

5 Second Test

5 Second Test allows website owners to upload images that will be reviewed by random Internet users. Users view the image for just five seconds then click on the screen to indicate areas of the images that caught their attention. Using text fields provided on the screen, they describe what they saw on the places they clicked. This is a free service. 5 Second Test is useful for understanding users’ first impressions of your site or any piece of creative you have. You’ll need to review others’ sites in exchange for your review.


4Q from IPerceptions

When evaluating how you website is doing obviously it helps to get your customers’ opinions. This free tool helps you answer four important questions:

* How satisfied are my visitors?
* What are my visitors at my website to do?
* Are they completing what they set out to do?
* If not, why not?
* If yes, what did they like best about the online experience?



Quickly run a test on your UI prototypes to answer any nagging questions about usability.

First click testing ensures that your users get started on the right foot when they hit your website.

Use Chalkmark to increase your customer conversion and task oriented success rates by getting quick feedback on designs before you implement or update them. Create your wireframe, assign the tasks and see where people would click before developing any pages.