has built a large panel of users who will record their on-screen actions and voice as they use your website. For each user’s test session, you get a video and their written summary. It costs $39 and is typically ready in one hour.

The users are pre-screened to ensure they can follow instructions, stay on task and verbalize their thoughts. UserTesting is fast, easy and inexpensive. They also have some preset tests that will evaluate your mobile website or your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Users are prescreened and rated by previous clients so the quality of feedback is pretty good. It can also be quite valuable to see how your site runs on various users’ computers. The control panel is limited, however, so you can only specify age, income, gender, and computer/Web experience. If your target audience is very specific, you might want to run tests with your own customers. allows you to do this but it’s a bit more work.

They just launched A Quick & Cheap Way To Fix Blind Spots in Your PPC Efforts.
You can get 3 independent people (the testers) to search for your main key phrase (with product ads or not) for just $75.

Each tester will do a search for your phrase and;

  • evaluate which 4 ads they would be most likely to click on and;
  • evaluate each landing page for 5 seconds to see if the ad met their expectations and;
  • also provide their first impressions of the page.
  • After all that, each tester will dig deeper into each of those sites to see if they would be comfortable buying from you or one of your competitors.

url: http://www.usertesting.com


BoostCTR is a browser-based text-ad optimization tool designed to increase click-through-rates & conversions for PPC and Facebook ads by A/B testing your ads (the control) against they ads that BoostCTRs networks of writers come up with and you approve for testing.

BoostCTR offers a risk-free quality score improvement, a money-back guarantee and works with top advertisers like CafePress, 99Designs and Kayak. BoostCTR’s clients experience an average lift of 30% on their CTRs and conversions. BoostCTR guarantees that their expert writers will continue to write for these ad groups until they beat the performance of your best existing ads.


The Search Monitor

The Search Monitor – They have several tools including another great search engine competitive intelligence tool. The Search Monitor Tracks market share, page rank, ad copy, landing pages, budgets, day parts, and uncover new competitors on Paid & Organic Search (including video monitoring). You can catch trademark abuse on paid search, track brand buzz web wide, as well Monitor your affiliates for TOU compliance, watch paid search activities, monitor ad copy and landing page copy, recruit your competitors’ affiliates.



GeoSurf™ allows users to surf locally . . . without being local.   It is a straight-forward service that enables users to access premium proxy servers in 80+ global locations, including 20 high value USA DMAs to surf and view geo-targeted local content from other areas. It also emulates many mobile devices. The service is available as a browser toolbar, VPN client, Direct Connect API, and smart phone connection.



Certified Knowledge’s Report Analyzer Tool

The Report Analyzer is a very powerful and flexible tool which allows you to upload any AdWords report with conversion data and then you can gain valuable insight into your account.

As AdWords reports are full of numbers that are difficult to interpert; we color code the output files so that you can easily find:

  • What is profitable
  • What is unprofitable
  • What keywords are below the first page bid
  • What keywords need to be watched closely as they can start to become unprofitable
  • What keyword cannot be on the first page profitably (you need to work on these first)
  • Suggested bids based upon your ROI

This tool supports more than just keyword data. You can see insights into any data that contains conversion information. Presently we support these reports:

  • Placement / Keyword Performance
  • Ad Performance
  • URL Performance
  • Ad Group Performance
  • Campaign Performance
  • Account Performance
  • Demographic Performance
  • Geographic Performance
  • Search Query Performance
  • Placement Performance

If you wish to bid by ROI, we will also display a suggested bid that will meet your ROI goals.

AdWords reports are often inaccurate with regards to actual revenue because not all your actual revenue numbers are being passed back and forth with AdWords. Therefore, we allow you to overwrite your conversion information with your actual revenue values or margin information so we are calculating the information off of actual revenue or profit.

If you want to know if your keywords, ad copy, landing pages, etc – are making you money, losing you money, or you just want an easier way of viewing the data – the Report Analyzer can help give you that insight.


WordStream’s Google AdWords Performance Grader

WordStream’s Google AdWords Performance Grader is a free tool to help AdWords advertisers better understand how well their campaigns are performing compared to advertisers with similar monthly budgets. The AdWords Performance Grader uses a proprietary grading algorithm based on more than 60 different factors, including ad spend data, Quality Score, ranking, impressions and other variables, to compare your AdWords account to the millions of others that we have previously graded.

Your AdWords Performance Grader report includes an overall grade as well as individual grades in eight key areas of pay-per-click management:

  1. Wasted Spend – Are you making proper use of negative keywords? Or are you wasting hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month on irrelevant keywords that never convert?
  2. Quality Score – Are your campaigns Google-approved? High Quality Scores have a major impact on your ROI, improving your rankings and lowering your costs.
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR) – CTR is a measure of how targeted your ads are. If your CTR is low, you may be losing ground to competing advertisers.
  4. Account Activity – To maintain performance, you need to spend active time in your account. How often are you checking under the hood?
  5. Long-Tail Keyword Optimization – Are you utilizing longer, more targeted keywords in your campaigns? If not, you’re missing opportunities to grab high-intent, low-cost traffic.
  6. Ad Text Optimization – Are you writing enough text ads to get strong performance in terms of impressions, clicks, CTR and ad ranking?
  7. Landing Page Optimization – More landing pages usually means more targeted messaging. Do you have more or fewer landing pages than similar advertisers?
  8. PPC Best Practices – Are you adhering to the proven best practices that PPC experts follow to ensure optimal AdWords performance?

You’ll learn how well you’re really doing in each of these important areas, as well as how you could improve your performance, driving more leads and sales at lower costs.


5 Second Test

5 Second Test allows website owners to upload images that will be reviewed by random Internet users. Users view the image for just five seconds then click on the screen to indicate areas of the images that caught their attention. Using text fields provided on the screen, they describe what they saw on the places they clicked. This is a free service. 5 Second Test is useful for understanding users’ first impressions of your site or any piece of creative you have. You’ll need to review others’ sites in exchange for your review.


Crowd Science

An online measurement service that builds detailed reports on the demographics of your website audience.
Using site-centric research techniques and some cleverly constructed technology, Crowd Science helps website owners and marketers drive ad sales, direct content creation, and reduce the time and money spent on research.