BoostCTR is a browser-based text-ad optimization tool designed to increase click-through-rates & conversions for PPC and Facebook ads by A/B testing your ads (the control) against they ads that BoostCTRs networks of writers come up with and you approve for testing.

BoostCTR offers a risk-free quality score improvement, a money-back guarantee and works with top advertisers like CafePress, 99Designs and Kayak. BoostCTR’s clients experience an average lift of 30% on their CTRs and conversions. BoostCTR guarantees that their expert writers will continue to write for these ad groups until they beat the performance of your best existing ads.


Autonomy Optimost

Autonomy Optimost supports all optimization styles:

      • Concept A|B testing: Split-run or A|B tests that compare radically different page layouts
      • Simple multivariable testing: Individual single elements such as offers, price points, images, or content
      • Full multivariable testing: Any combination of online elements, anywhere, including dynamic content and rich internet applications like AJAX and Flash. Ability to control for interactions and other complex testing scenarios

Delievered hosted or on-premise, Autonomy Optimost brings analytics, pattern-matching, targeting, and optimization capabilities under a single platform. This enables marketers to automatically identify and execute the most optimal marketing strategy based on a deep understanding of customer interactions across any channel.



SiteSpect makes testing and optimizing your entire site easy and cost-effective. Tests that were time- and cost-prohibitive become possible. Creative concepts, copy, promotional offers, fonts, colors, page layouts — SiteSpect enables you to optimize everything on your site, from landing pages through the conversion funnels, all without having to change your existing site. Sitespect sets up a proxy server to enable their solution. This tool is very useful for people with large websites and a slow moving IT department.

SiteSpect is available in two versions. Both offer the same core functionality and are 100% fully managed by SiteSpect. Choose the one that’s best for your organization:

  • SiteSpect ASP is fully hosted cloud-based solution which is geared towards any site operator who wishes to test some or all of their site(s) without the need to install any additional hardware or software.
  • SiteSpect Enterprise is an on-premises appliance solution, suited for larger site operators with specific security and privacy requirements, or who have many sites and infrastructure complexity.


Monetate is a test, targeting & personalization platform. Monetate’s products and people enable online businesses to implement superior marketing strategies, to quickly and easily test and target website content and features, thereby providing customers with more relevant and compelling site experiences. While most companies test 2-5 tests a month, Monetate clients test upwards of 30+ tests a month.

Activating Monetate on your website is quick and easy, requiring just a single tag on the site’s pages. Monetate’s unique SaaS technology can then display messages and promotions on any page of the site without the need for containers, dedicated space, or page redesign. Monetate’s ShadowCRM™ automatically collects data on all site visitors, thereby enabling segmenting and targeting of site traffic across more than 50 dimensions.

The Monetate dashboard provides you with instant access to your site’s tests and messaging campaigns, including comprehensive analytics and customized reporting. But you never have to feel you’re on your own with Monetate. Every Monetate client is assigned a Customer Success Manager who uses Monetate’s SalesMap™ technology to help you test and craft campaigns that target under-performing segments.

Remember that Monetate does all of this, plus catalog and shopping cart integration, with zero use of internal IT resources. There are no page design changes or back-end coding required. You just add one snippet of JavaScript to your site and you are ready to reap the benefits of testing, targeting, and personalization.


Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is featured as the world’s easiest A/B and multivariate testing tool.

It provides an easy to use WYSIWYG editor for creating variations and its innovative technology eliminates the need for tagging page sections with code. In other words, with Visual Website Optimizer you add a small code to your website once and then create an unlimited number of tests from the interface without the need to touch any code.

It allows a user to define and measure test performance on multiple conversion goals. It also has a segmentation feature which lets a user run targeted tests for a specific subset of visitors only. This expands to the possibility of using the tool for behavioral targeting and website personalization. Visual Website Optimizer easily integrates with Google Analytics and other web analytics tools, allowing fine-grained insights into your variation performance. It allows different members of an organization to work on the same test project by providing unlimited permission-based logins. Agencies have access to client sub-accounts allowing them to choose which reports they want clients to see.



OnDialog provides a tool for marketers to maximize acquisition of leads, conversion or prospects and retain customers using on-demand landing pages, microsites and personalized URLs (PURLs).

The recent integration of OnDialog’s core product with multivariate testing technology now allows OnDialog landing pages to be optimized for maximum mass-market conversion to drive revenue based on statistically robust testing of up to one million unique variations of a single online ad or landing page.


Omniture Test & Target

Adobe Test & Target gives marketers the necessary capabilities to continually make their online content and offers more relevant to their customers—yielding greater conversion. Test&Target provides an intuitive interface for designing and executing tests, creating audience segments and targeting content—all from a single application. Adobe Test&Target is part of the Adobe® Online Marketing Suite of applications for online business optimizations.



LiveBall is campaign-specialized content management software that’s much more agile and flexible than your website CMS. It was developed to enable creation of complex, multipage user experiences at scale. It makes it easier to launch and target hundreds or thousands of granular, optimized micro experiences without developers — all in peaceful coexistence with your existing website, CMS, CRM and analytics systems by being hosted on the Ion Interactive servers. They set up themes based on your current website templates and the allow you to make changes using a WYSIWYG editor.

LiveBall will help you start making and launching pages fast.

  • Produce & launch brand-standard multi-page landing experiences — microsites, conversion paths & landing pages — without code or developers
  • Target & track content, offers and forms with codeless segmentation & conditional rules
  • Test & optimize in real time using instant, integrated A/B and multivariate methods

Conversion Multiplier

Conversion Multiplier combines multivariable testing with a Nobel-prize winning analysis technique developed for Wall Street and proprietary algorithms.

Conversion Multiplier is also the only solution that can optimize conversions for your Web site, landing pages, and email marketing. And it’s the only solution that can optimize for profits.

The result: You crunch your testing process down to a single quarter in most cases. You identify the one version among tens of thousands (sometimes millions) of combinations that generates the highest conversions or you identify one version that optimizes your profits.